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KUSIF, full name KOÇ UNIVERSITY SOCIAL IMPACT FORUM, is a research and practice center at Koç University (KU) focusing on social impact.

KUSIF was founded in 2012 to support the activities of non-governmental organizations, funding bodies, social enterprises and private sector entities by assessing their social impact to help with planning, integrating social impact analysis into their working principles, and setting standards for measuring social impact. 

The center also spearheaded the foundation of the Turkish Social Impact Group, and publishes guide books and research reports on social impact analysis and social entrepreneurialism. It creates social impact classes for undergraduate students, implements the Community Engagement and Leadership Track Program at KU, facilitates collaborative ties between social entrepreneurs and the public, and works on transforming KU into a sustainable campus. 

KUSIF runs a number of projects, including Social Impact Measurement Tools for Young Social Entrepreneurs (“Know Your Impact”), Social Impact Measurement for Funders, Improving the Social Impact of NGOs Targeting Women: A Common Approach to Measurement, and Social Impact Measurement For Civil Society Organizations. In May 2016, KUSIF set up the two-year Social Entrepreneurship Development Program, “Change with Business”, in partnership with the Vehbi Koç Foundation and UniCredit Foundation, with the aim of increasing social impact by supporting social entrepreneurs to ensure their own sustainability. The Management of Social Impact Program for Non-Governmental Organizations, set up in 2017 with the help of the Open Society Foundation, aims to raise the awareness of social impact management among NGOs and increase their understanding and skill levels.

Abadan Unat, Nermin

Political scientist who received the Vehbi Koç Award for education in 2012.