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Roosevelt, Christopher H.

Roosevelt, Christopher H.

Roosevelt, Christopher H.

Roosevelt, Christopher H. (b. June 25, 1972, New York, USA), archaeologist, art historian and cultural institution manager. He has been a faculty member at Koç University and director of ANAMED since 2015.

He graduated in classics and geology at Colby College in the United States (1990-94) and completed a master’s degree in archaeology at Cornell University (1997). He continued studying art history and archaeology at Cornell, receiving another master’s degree (1998) and a doctorate (2003). He worked as an assistant professor at Boston University Department of Archaeology between 2003 and 2009 and was an associate professor there from 2009 to 2015. He joined the academic staff of Koç University Department of Archaeology and Art History in 2015 , becoming a professor in 2017. He has been the director of ANAMED since 2015, and has also been excavation leader for the Kaymakçı Archeology Project in the Gölmara province of Manisa since 2014.

Professor Roosevelt is an expert on Anatolian and Eastern Mediterranean Iron and Bronze Age archaeology and has written numerous academic articles and books on the subject, including The Archaeology of Lydia, from Gyges to Alexander (2009; published in Turkish as Gyges’ten Büyük İskender’e Lydia Arkeolojisi, 2017). 

Abadan Unat, Nermin

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