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Mustafa V. Koç Sports Award

Mustafa V. Koç Sports Award

Mustafa V. Koç Sports Award

Mustafa V. Koç Sports Award, an award in recognition of “contribution to Olympic values”, created in 2017 by Koç Holding in collaboration with the Turkish Olympic Committee. The award aims to support the vision of Mustafa V. Koç, who as well as being a business person, also made a major contribution to sports.

In 2017, the Olympic and world champion national wrestler, Taha Akgül, and the Paralympic Games and world champion national archer, Gizem Girişmen were given the award for their “worldwide sporting success, achieved through the determination, discipline and commitment shown in their work and the embodiment of all the Olympic values in their personalities.” In 2018, the European and World Champion national wrestler Yasemin Adar received the award. In 2019, the first national pentathlete who represents Turkey in the Olympics in the field of modern pentathlon, İlke Özyüksel, won the award.

In her speech at the award ceremony in 2017, jury president Caroline Koç stated the aim as: “to support young people with a passion and talent for sports” like Mustafa V. Koç and “encourage the values of sportsmanship and high ethics which were a major feature of his personality.” She went on to describe the award’s main objective as, “to spread Olympic values as a world view and a way of life, and to carry the message through exemplary people and organizations.”

Abadan Unat, Nermin

Political scientist who received the Vehbi Koç Award for education in 2012.