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SANERC, full name, KOÇ UNIVERSITY SEMAHAT ARSEL NURSING EDUCATION AND RESEARCH CENTER, a center established as part of the American Hospital in 1992, largely through the efforts of Semahat Arsel. It aims to contribute to the development and advancement of the nursing profession. On January 1, 2004, the center became affiliated to Koç University School of Nursing. The center’s main objectives are to develop creative models in postgraduate nursing training, promote best practice, and carry out nursing research to develop ethical, evidence-based clinical practices. 

SANERC began by offering just two training courses, but now delivers training in over 20 different areas. Training programs are developed following consultations on requirements and the course contents are updated annually. The center’s work conforms to international standards and is based on the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing model. Ad hoc training is sometimes delivered to organizations that request it. To date, over ten thousand nurses and health professionals have participated in training seminars and programs organized by the center. SANERC also offers a consultation service for structuring nursing services in hospitals.

In 2010, SANERC’s postgraduate nursing training was accredited by a subsidiary of the American Nursing Association, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), which promotes excellence in nursing and healthcare through inspecting and awarding certification to training centers. SANERC is the only center in Turkey and the region to have received certification for its postgraduate continuing education programs.

Journal of Education and Research in Nursing (HEAD) was launched by SANERC in 2004 as a twice yearly publication. It has been published quarterly since 2017.

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Abadan Unat, Nermin

Political scientist who received the Vehbi Koç Award for education in 2012.